Best Forex Blogs or Forums You Should Follow In 2018

Best Forex Blogs or Forums You Should Follow In 2018

In the world full of internet, you will find thousands of blog posts each and every day. I am sure you will also find lots of articles related to Forex trading too. There are many forex websites from which you can start learning Forex trading for yourself and today, I am here to provide you the list of best Forex blogs which you can visit daily to keep your knowledge up to date with the current market.

There is an ample number of blogs out there on Forex trading. Some of them are good whereas some of them are not. You must check any blog properly before you start following it. You may also find some information which is outdated on a blog which is not active. So there is no use of such blog and information as the market is changing rapidly.

So I have decided to provide you the list of best Forex blogs which you should follow in 2018 to get your forex trading skill to the next level. Along with blogs, I will also provide you some of the Forex Trading Discussion Forums which you can visit on regular basis to get your queries solved related to forex trading. So let’s get started now…

Why Should You Follow Best Forex Blogs or Forex Trading Discussion Forums?

#1. Quick Place to Get Information

Blogs are usually updated on regular basis and thus, you can expect good information from blogs. There are many blogs which you find in Forex where you can read relevant information for Free of cost. 

You just need to visit them daily and spend some time on reading. Blogs are quickly indexed by Google so if you don’t have a specific blog name in your mind then also you can do simple Google search and I am sure you will land on the best Forex blog that provides good information.

#2. To Get Proper Guidance

Best Forex blogs and Forex trading discussion forums are the best place to get proper guidance for yourself. If you are looking forward to starting forex trading or you want more guidance in forex then you should start reading and following blogs and forums right away. 

You will find lots of bloggers helping people through blogs and many people are helping other people via forums. So you can get benefits of it quickly.

#3. Free Of Cost

Most of the blogs and forums are free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single dime to read and get information from it. This is really amazing as you can read and get a lot of valuable information, market updates and guidance for free. 

You just need to start following the best forex blogs or Forex Trading Discussion Forum to get started. 

So let me give you some of the best forex blogs and Forex Trading Discussion Forum which you can follow in 2018….!!!!

List of Best Forex Blogs and Forex Trading Discussion Forum You Should Follow in 2018

#1 - Learn To Trade Market

The first best forex blog in a list of best forex blogs is Learn To Trade Market. It is the best blog out there to learn each and everything about Forex and Forex Trading. The blog is created by Nial Fuller who is currently in demand forex trader. Nial Fuller is the full time professional trader, author, and mentor in forex trading.

As a professional forex trader, Nial Fuller is sharing all his strategies, market comments, his analysis and lot more on daily basis via his blog Learn To Trade Market. If you are really serious about forex trading then I highly recommend you to start learning it with this blog. You will get started with earning and learning very quickly if you follow Nial Fuller properly.

#2 - Earn Forex

Earn Forex is not just a blog, it is a complete resource which you can utilize to learn and earn through Forex. They have a great deal of learning resources, informative blogs, and FX broker reviews. Earn Forex also provides tools starting from money management to technical analysis which can be equally helpful to beginners and advanced people.

You will find forex books, eBooks, videos, news and a lot more things on Earn Forex to get started. Blog posts of Earn Forex are related to forex topics that include outlooks on certain currency pairs and market analysis. If you want reviews of any popular broker in Forex Trading then also Earn Forex will give you an honest review. So you can get started quickly and easily.

#3 - BabyPips

Babypips is the best forex blog to get started with forex trading if you are just starting your journey in forex. You will find everything starting from ABC of forex to in-depth guides on forex. 

The interesting thing about babypips is that you will get content with lots of fun and that will make your forex journey lot interesting. It is not just limited for beginners, there are guides and sections which can help advanced traders too in the forex market. Babypips will teach you fundamentals of forex with funny examples and then slowly, you will learn lots of important strategy in the forex market.

#4 - Investing

Investing provides you everything you need as a forex trader. You will get worldwide financial portal, financial tools, technical data, news analysis, charts, streaming stock quotes and charts on worldwide financial markets which you can use to make, define and redefine your important strategies in the forex market. 

They have 27 editions in 21 languages. You can also have mobile applications for Android and iOS from investing that provides you news, analytics, various quotes, data in technical and financial terms.

#5 - Daily FX

If you are looking forward to having world’s leading news portal with you then you should go for Daily FX as it is one of the best forex trading news and analysis portals from FXCM. You will get every tool that you need to trade in the forex market with Daily FX. 

Daily FX is the free new forex site from FXCM’s broker. It gives you up to the minute’s data from forex market. You will also get an economic calendar of major news releases with lots of charts with Daily FX. The best thing about Daily FX is that they provide Forex Trading Discussion Forum too where you can discuss forex trading with other traders easily.

#6 - Forex Factory

Forex Factory is well-known news portal and site that provides an excellent economic calendar for all forex traders. Forex Factory is a favorite blog of many traders as they provide quality of content which is highly usable to earn money via Forex.

One of the best Forex Trading Discussion Forum is Forex Factory where you will get the perfect environment to learn and grow your trading skill with other people. If you want some suggestions or feedback on your strategy in forex then also you can post your queries on Forex Factory and other people will provide their valuable feedback and you can improve it using them.

#7 - Forex Peace Army

If you really want to have a great time with your forex trading journey then I highly recommend you to check out Forex Peace Army now. It is the highly valuable site that you must check out before taking any decision in forex. They provide a lot of value to all their visitors by valuable information and reviews.

They provide reviews on forex projects, signal services, different useful software and a lot many tools which are needed by any forex trader. They offer dedicated forum also where you can discuss anything on the forex market and get your issues solved.

#8 - 100 Forex Brokers

100 Forex Brokers is the site that provides you everything you need while searching for the best broker. You will get a professional and unbiased guide from 100 Forex Brokers. They have various categories from forex brokers. You can check categories like a broker of the week, newly added broker, featured brokers and many other to get started with one broker.

They also provide valuable information about latest events from forex market. Options such as search broker, compare broker, review brokers, add your broker and provide feedback makes 100 Forex Brokers complete for any trader in the forex niche.

#9 - MT5 Forum

MT5 is Forex Trading Discussion Forum for each and every forex trader. This forum is specially created for the users of MetaTrader 5 where they can interact with each other on any forex topics. MT5 is not just limited to any level of users. You will find beginners as well as advanced users on MT5 forum while discussing various stuff related to forex trading. 

The forum is well-known forum when it comes to discussion of software and its pro and cons. You will also find various sections like news section and analysis section on MT5 forum while browsing the entire forum. In short, it is a quality forum to start your discussion with.

Final Words on Best Forex Blogs or Forum You Should Follow in 2018

Following forum or blog will give you lot of information and knowledge. Without information and knowledge, you cannot do anything in the world of Forex as it is quite risky.

You need the latest information at each level of your forex journey. You will also need answers to your questions many times and at that time, you need the forum for discussion.

Don’t just start following any blog or forum blindly as it will harm you a lot by your time and money. Make proper analysis before you start the following something. Make sure you check some of the latest posts and discussion so that you will have an idea about the authority of blog or forum. Always invest your time in best forum or blog and stay away from crappy things.

I have compiled the list of blogs and forum above that are having the high value when it comes to forex trading. You can go to each of them and check by yourself about the value they provide.

I recommend you to get in touch with your favorite blog or forum every day so that you will have latest updates from a market and you can take proper decision on time.

Feel free to comment your favorite forum or blog on forex via comment box. Do share this post with your friends too.