Best Forex Trading Price Action Strategy for Beginners

Forex Trading Price Action Strategy

Forex market is full of strategies. Some strategies work for some people while some don’t work for them. So as a forex trader, you need to have your own strategy that works for you. You might face little challenges in the starting of your career in forex market as you don’t have any good strategy. … Read more

How to Find Support and Resistance in Day Trading

How to Find Support and Resistance in Day Trading

Support and Resistance are two common terms which are highly used in Forex Market. If you are into forex market since quite some time now, you must have seen these words around you. Many of the forex marketer are using these terms daily and believe me, if you can get your basis done, you will … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Forex Backtesting Software Strategy


If you have been into currency trading for a while, then you must be aware of Forex Backtesting strategy. This strategy is widely used to analyze the trends that affect the exchange rates by monitoring the historical price data. A historical data can’t give you an accurate analysis of the future but it can surely … Read more