[Ultimate Guide] Forex SEO Guide to Rank Your Forex Website

Forex SEO Guide

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization process. In simple terms, it is a process to get high visibility for your forex website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. There are many forex sites in the market and if you can’t rank above them then you won’t get good traffic for your website and eventually you can’t generate much revenue. So here is the complete Forex SEO Guide for you to rank your Forex Website.

SEO is hard and with the new updates of Google, many sites are losing lots of traffic as they don’t have proper SEO for site. Have you ever thought about SEO for your forex site? Do you need Forex SEO guide to rank your forex site higher than all your competitors?

If your answer is yes then keep reading this Forex SEO Guide. I am going to share complete strategies which you can use to rank and bank your Forex site.

Why SEO is needed? Why SEO is needed?

#1. To get organic and search engine traffic.
#2. It gives you free traffic.
#3. It gives you target visitors directly from search engine.
#4. It fetches you lots of revenue in terms of make money and traffic.
#5. It is best way to marketing your site and its content
#6. And lot more…!!!

Ultimate Forex SEO Guide to Rank Your Site High in SERP

#1. Install Google Analytics (Free Tracking Tool)

Installation of Google Analytics on your site is the first step which you need to follow in this Forex SEO Guide. You need something to trace your progress in terms of traffic and ranking. Google Analytics is the best and free tool from Google that lets you analyze your site for free.

Once you are done with the installation of Google Analytics, the next step is to learn various things in Google Analytics as you will spend huge time in this tool in future for SEO. Google Analytics is the golden nugget for your Forex site if you know how to use it to rank your site.

Google Analytics contains each and every information you need to keep track of your progress with your forex site. So install and learn Google Analytics properly.

#2. Content Quality

Content is a king and it will always remain king when it comes to SEO so I must include content quality in my Forex SEO guide. There are many people out there who have created forex site with low quality content and those people are having lots of complains today that none of their site is ranking good…!!!

So if you really want to rank your forex site then you must have quality content on your site. Your content must not be copied from somewhere else. If you are hiring some other person to write for you then you must check the content quality by tools like plagiarism checker.

You can add high quality images, cool and relevant videos, info graphics, some real stats and example in your content to make it the best possible content in the world.

#3. Keyword Research

Keyword Research plays a very important part in on page SEO for any forex website. Keyword is nothing but the most common searches which people uses to search anything in Google. If your content is having such keywords then there are high chances that your content will rank high.

Keyword research is essential for any forex website guide as there are some keywords whose competition is very less and there might be some other keywords whose competition is very much. So you can easily rank your content if you are using low competition keywords in your forex site content.

There are lots of tools in the SEO world to find out the best keywords for your site. You just need to enter search term and it will give you lots of suggestions. Tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush and Long tail pro are having great demand in forex niche also.

#4. Backlinks

The most powerful ranking factor for any website is backlinks. You must make backlinks in order to rank your forex site high. There are two types of backlinks you can make for your site:

1. No Follow Backlinks: It is only for visitors. Search Engine cannot recognize it.

2. Do Follow Backlinks: It is for visitors as well as Search Engine. Do Follow backlink is having huge power to rank your site.

You can make backlinks by doing some guest post, round up post, outreach post, info graphics submission site, best forex forum and by many other ways.

Make sure you make Do Follow links with No Follow links as creation of only Do Follow link will lead you towards spamming and you will get banned from Search Engine.

#5. Optimization of On Page Factors

SEO can be divided into 2 parts….On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

In On Page SEO, factors like content quality, keywords, title tags, Meta tags, body tags and headers are having good power to rank your forex site high. You must optimize your site and its content according to the following guidelines:

1. Title Tag: Make sure to include your targeted keyword in title tag. Make sure your visitor attracts by your title and click on your link. Keep the length of title around 70 characters.

2. Meta Description: Meta Description is the short snippet that shows in search engine results. You should include your keywords in Meta Description too. Make sure you include call to action too in Meta Description.

3. Headers: You can use your secondary keywords in the headers. Headers tell Google what your page is about.

4. Body: Body is your main content area. Make sure you guys include primary and secondary keywords in your body section. Make the best possible content in the world and I am sure you can easily rank your forex website.

#6. Mobile Friendly Website Design

Day by day, the number of mobile users are increasing. Lots of people are accessing web and website using mobile. So you must optimize your site for mobile view.

There are sites which don’t look good when you open them in your mobile phone because they lack mobile friendly design. So you make take care mobile users and implement mobile friendly design for your mobile users when you create your site.

Search Engine is also giving priority to mobile friendly websites first. So make sure you implement mobile friendly website design for your site otherwise, your site won’t rank in search engine.

#7. Site Loading Speed

Site loading speed is having great importance in SEO and that’s the reason why I am including site loading speed tip in my Forex SEO guide. When you start doing SEO for forex website, you must pay attention to your loading speed.

Your customers or visitors are very impatient and they will leave your site if your site don’t load within few seconds. If your site is not loading fast and your customers are going on other site then that’ the huge loss for your business.

Site loading speed depends on your hosting, plugins used, and theme and on many other factors. You must improve in all of them to make your site better.

You must hire expert to do page speed optimization because it is a bit technical task which you should do with some good care.

Make sure you are having high loading speed for your site otherwise be ready to loss lots of loyal customers.

Final Words on Forex SEO Tips

SEO is really important for any site and your Forex site is no exception here. There are many people who are ranking high in any niche due to the perfect SEO. SEO is the continuous process and you can’t give it a stop during your website journey.

Some of the tips experts give in Forex SEO guide are quality content, keyword research, backlinks building, mobile friendly design, on page effect and optimized site.

Just keep the following points in mind while developing any forex website:

#1. Put best possible content from your side. If possible hire expert content writers who have good experience with writing and content creation.
#2. Make your site mobile friendly from day 1.
#3. Once you are having some good content, start making backlinks from authority sites. Do guest posts, participate in round up post and use other ways to make backlinks.
#4. Do keyword research from day 1.Use keywords naturally so that you visitors like it. Write content for your visitors.
#5. Optimize your site loading speed by hiring some expert person.

If you can really implement all these Forex SEO tips for your site then believe me, you can get good success for sure.

If you like this post on Forex SEO tips then do share it with your friends and do let me know your thoughts on this post using comment box.

If you like this post on Forex SEO tips then do share it with your friends and do let me know your thoughts on this post using comment box.