How To Start a Forex Website In Easy Steps

Start a Forex Website In Easy Steps

Forex trading is one of the thing that attracts many people in today’s world. There are thousands of people out there who wants to make quick money. Among those thousands of people, some of them take risks and start a forex website. To start a Forex Website is not an easy task as you need to focus on many thing but if you do it well then you can expect great return for sure. In today’s article we are going to learn step by step process to start a forex website.

Let me ask few questions before we start with today’s topic:

Do you have interest, knowledge and strategy in forex trading?

Are you risk taker and able to maintain complete site with many users?

If your answer is yes then let’s get started with the complete process of starting a forex website.

#1. Start Forex Trading with Good Education

You might feel that this step is a bit boring but this is the must do step for anyone. You cannot start forex trading site without any knowledge of forex trading. You must gain some good knowledge before you actually started with site.

If you have some initial knowledge then also I would like to tell you that you should follow this step as you can always learn something new and add that to your skill.

You can learn forex trading for free or paid, online or offline.

In free and online mode, you can find some good forex blogs, videos, free courses etc. to learn forex trading by yourself whereas in paid training, you can buy some Forex Books, eBooks, contact some good trader and learn from them or you may buy video lecture that are paid. You may find some offline classes too where you can get some knowledge.

#2. Learn And Test Trading Platforms to Choose the Best One

There are many trading platforms available online from which you can start one for your upcoming trading site when you start a forex website. Trading platform is just a software that is used by your clients while trading. This is the must have software for your trading site.

I can recommend you three most famous platforms that a forex traders use, they are MetaTrader 4, cTrader and Global Trade Station (GTS). Among these three, most of the broker have MT4 (MetaTrader 4) as their trading platform which is quite user-friendly and with more features for manual and automated trading systems.

You can either get software by yourself or you can also share this software with some other company which is already there in the market. Choice is yours.

Before you buy any one software for your site, you need to check it with great care. You must test, check and know each thing before you buy one software for your site.

#3. Get Domain, Hosting, Logo and All Basic Things Done

Domain name, web hosting and logo are some of the must have things for any website out there. If you want to start a forex website then also you need domain name, web hosting and logo for that website. So get it done right away.

Domain name must be small, easy to remember, easy to understand and unique. It shows your brand. So choose in that way only.

You need to have a good hosting plan for your site as there will be many visitors on your site. So choose the best plans for your site so that it won’t affect your site performance.

You may choose WordPress content management system to start a forex website

#4. Create a Forex Trading Site

If you have proper knowledge, some initial investment, domain name and web hosting then you are good to go with site creation. Install WordPress (if you want to go with WordPress as it is beginner friendly), install some good theme and necessary plugins and start your forex trading site.

Just make sure that site is having proper navigation, header, footer, sidebars (whenever required), account management options etc. available for users. Take your time in developing site. Don’t do it in hurry because this is the most crucial step for your site.

If you have trading software with you, install and active that too. Test it properly before you make it live for all your clients and users.

#5. Create Attractive Content

Content is King and it will remain king in the forex business too. You must write everything that can catch immediate attention of your clients as your major goal will be to catch as much as clients you can.

You must provide content like description about yourself, your trading styles and some of the easy methods of trading, profit and loss analysis, what will be the maximum account size that a customer should start with and some more frequently asked questions.

All these frequently asked questions and content show your client the vision for trading on your site. So make it the best.

#6. Do Some SEO on Your Forex Website

Any website needs proper SEO to rank high in search engine. SEO is not an overnight process but you need to do it regularly to rank and bank.

You can start basic SEO like creation of good content, proper Meta Tags, proper description, writing useful content from day one for your site.

You can also refer to Google’s webmaster guidelines for SEO. SEO is must for any site and your forex site is not an exception when it comes to SEO. 

#7. Start Trading On Your Forex Trading Website

I am sure till this step, you should have good knowledge about forex, your site should be up and running with one nice software installed and you are ready for trading.

So it’s time for your clients to trade using your forex trading site.

If you have properly installed software, tested it with your friends and everything is rightly done then I am sure you can start trading easily. You must have good knowledge. So if you still don’t have confidence then learn more about trading and forex software.

Final Words on How to Start a Forex Trading Website

Forex trading is hard and when it comes to starting a site on forex trading, it is even harder. You need good amount of money, knowledge, risk taking ability and some enthusiasm to start a forex trading website.

You just need to follow all above things to make a Forex Trading Website/Blog. Just make sure to have a good brandable domain name with reliable hosting.

Find, test and install one good trading software on your site. You either can purchase or share it with other company. It depends on your requirements and budget.

Do some basic SEO, add content and share it in your social media circle to get started properly.

If you are wise enough to follow above steps, you can make a forex trading website easily.

Are you into forex trading? What features you look for in forex trading site? Feel free to comment your thoughts using comment box.

Do share this article with your friends so that they can also come to know the process of creating a site on forex trading.